the Payroll Paradigm

With WageNow, employees can withdraw their earnings for the days worked at any time. No extra hassle for employers.

Pozadie Pozadie

For Employees


Payroll anytime

Weekly or even daily? With WageNow, you can access your earned wages at any time during the month.


No fees

No interest or hidden charges. With WageNow, you only access the wage you have already earned.


Avoid unpleasant situations

Is a payment due date approaching? Save yourself the worry and unnecessary interest – you decide when your payday will be.

For Employer


Significant benefit for employees

Up to 4 out of 5 employees are willing to actively switch to a company that offers flexible wage payments. Will you let talented people slip away?


Does not complicate accounting

With WageNow, you can provide flexible pay without unnecessary bureaucracy and burden on the accounting department.


For one fee and without hassle

We will connect WageNow directly to your attendance system, give you access to reports, and provide employees with a simple app to manage their pay.


How does WageNow work?

WageNow gives employees real-time access to their earned wages. This allows them to decide when they want to be paid, without complicating the company’s accounting or adding work to the payroll department.


How can instant access to wages help you?

  • 78 %
    of people manage their budget better.
    Most people with flexible wages plan their expenses better and save money.
  • 68 %
    of people can sleep more peacefully.
    Financial problems are a source of stress and negatively impact health. Flexible wages can reduce or eliminate a large part of this stress (such as from payments).
  • 46 %
    of people save more.
    Thanks to flexible wages, they are prepared for unexpected expenses or can start building an important financial reserve.

Get ahead of the competition with flexible wages

  • 89 %
    of employees stay longer at companies with flexible wages.
  • 79 %
    of employees would change jobs for the option of flexible wages.
  • 59 %
    of people are more motivated to come to work with flexible pay.

Who is behind WageNow?

Peter Čapkovič

Peter Čapkovič

Peter spent 13 years at JPMorgan, where he traded trillions of dollars of fixed income products and ran multiple trading books as a Director in Sales and Trading.
He also led a data science team at JPM Asset Management, developing AI, NLP and big data tools for investing and analytics.
Peter graduated from Princeton and played professional tennis representing Slovakia.

Daniel Harcek

Daniel Harcek

His technical prowess has led him through leadership positions at companies such as Azet, Avast, and Ringier. Additionally, he has been involved in leading several international startups (AdLodge, VisuaIDNA).
He enjoys sharing his expertise with budding entrepreneurs and organizes Startup Weekend Žilina.
At WageNow, he is responsible for technology and engineers.


Frequently asked questions

  • For employees, this service is completely free as a benefit from the employer.

    The employer pays a single fixed fee, which is based on the number of employees in the company.

  • Thanks to integration with the attendance and accounting systems, most tasks are fully automated. The remaining administrative steps will take you only about 30 minutes each month.

  • It’s up to you. After each working day, you will see your currently earned money in your account – and if you need it, it can be in your bank account as early as the next business day.

In our company, we frequently encountered situations where employees needed advances for unexpected expenses each month. With WageNow, this has become much easier, both from our administrative perspective and in terms of time savings, as well as for employees, who see it as a significant benefit. In the app, they can see their earned money accumulating throughout the month and can transfer it to their personal account at any time.

EDO-KINGeneral Manager

When I have a larger amount of money, it always seems to disappear. Something for the kids, something for myself… you know how it goes. That’s why I started withdrawing my pay weekly with WageNow - so I only have what I really need. It’s easier for me to say no to unnecessary expenses, and I manage my finances much better.

Michaela Straková
Michaela StrakováWarehouse worker

We spent nearly every last cent on our new apartment. When the water pipe burst three weeks after moving in, my wife and I were relieved that instead of taking a short-term loan, we could withdraw our earned money through WageNow.

Michal Stavný
Michal StavnýAccountant

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